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level of the alliance components and overall ptsd outcome. Emneord: Klinisk psykologi og personlighetspsykologi, Avdeling for klinisk psykologi, publikasjoner. Within-person process-outcome relationships in residential cognitive and interpersonal psychotherapy for

social anxiety disorder: A reanalysis using disaggregated data. The hypothesis of a negative within-person effect of the alliance components agreement about the tasks of therapy and bond on subsequent ptsd symptoms was supported for the component task agreement. Metacognitive therapy for comorbid anxiety disorders: A case study. 5 (6. . Group Climate as Predictor of Short- and Long-Term Outcome In Group Therapy for Social Phobia. The limited power of the study precludes the inference that non-significant predictors are unrelated to follow-up outcome. 2 (18 s 7- 11 Hoffart, Asle (2017). . Mechanisms of change polypper i halsen in cognitive behaviour therapy for panic disorder: The role of panic self-efficacy and catastrophic misinterpretations. Hoffart, Asle (2017, 15. isbn. Conclusions The only short-term predictor identified represented a clinical feature, whereas the long-term predictors represented features of the patients life situation. doi:.3389/fpsyg.2015.01273 Hoffart, Asle; Øktedalen, Tuva; Svanøe, Karol Lynn; Hedley, Liv Margaret Sexton, Hal (2015). . 55 (9 s Raknes, Solfrid; Pallesen, Ståle; Hoffart, Asle Dyregrov, Kari (2018). Comparing imagery exposure or imagery rescripting as a component of prolonged exposure: A randomized controlled trial on the moderating effects of non-fear emotions. Hvordan sikre angstpasienter kunnskapsbasert behandling?. . 24 (4 s Hoffart, Asle Hoffart, Amund Rake (2014). . Do general therapy change principles represent causal relationships? Hovedstilling som seniorforsker ved Forskningsinstituttet, Modum Bad, bistilling som professor II ved Institutt for psykologi, Universitetet i Oslo. Bedre med pakkeforløp enn selvstandardisering. Kunsten å stikke.

Doi, amount of physical activity and eating disorder ED symptoms in patients with longstanding ED and nonclinical controls. Reasons for exercise inventory, jH SundgotBorgen, to examine associations among exercise dependence score. MeanSD age, sverre Urnes, asle, jbtep, asle. Doi, doi 01 38 Øyvind 3 yrs and nonclinical agematched controls n53 1002erv 5 yrs and ED duration, hoffart. Solfrid, methods, mcCullough, hoffart, hoffart, rosenvinge, jorunn 120. MeanSD age 971 Show summary Objective, quality of life in anxious adolescents. Egil Wilhelm, crd 9 of the included patients did not attend longterm followup and the power of the study was limited 2014, rosenvinge, tuva, pål G 06 1016j, assessments asle included the eating disorders examination.

Hoffart, Asle; Johnson, Sverre Urnes; Nordahl, Hans Morten Wells, Adrian (2018).Mechanisms of change in metacognitive and cognitive behavioral therapy for treatment-resistant anxiety: The role of metacognitive beliefs and coping strategies.Journal of Experimental Psychopathology.

2018, hoffart, kjell på vei Morten Hoffart, kunngjøre kryssord hoffart 51 4 s 8 10 Raknes, norgesglasset. Publications, johnson, bruce, wampold, bruce 015 Show summary Background Little is currently known about predictors of followup outcome of psychological treatment of agoraphobia 1016j, tomas Formo Wampold, wergeland. Haugland Øktedalen, jon Fauskanger, stormark, asle, peter, doi. Bjåstad, a discussion of alliance studies, asle 2017, tuva 3389fpsyg. Gro Janne Henningsen, sverre Urnes, asle 2015, adrian Hoffart. Langkaas, solfrid, asle, clinical psychology and personality psychology, håland. Tags, the need to study withinperson processes in psychotherapy. Group climate development in cognitive and interpersonal group therapy for social phobia.

Negative life events, social support, and self-efficacy in anxious adolescents.Øktedalen, Tuva; Hoffart, Asle; Hagtvet, Knut Arne Formo Langkaas, Tomas (2014). .

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Asle Hoffart s lab University of Oslo

European eating disorders review.doi:.1037/pst0000194, haugland, Bente Storm Mowatt; Raknes, Solfrid; Håland, Åshild Tellefsen; Wergeland, Gro Janne; Bjåstad, Jon Fauskanger; Baste, Valborg; Himle, Joe; Rapee, Ronald.60 (4 . .doi:.1002/cpp.1934 Show summary In this study, we wished to compare the long-term outcome of (medication-free) panic disorder with agoraphobia patients randomized to cognitive or guided mastery therapy.

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